DNA: A beginner's guide for family historians (IHGS member/student rate)
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DNA: A beginner's guide for family historians (IHGS member/student rate)

If you are an IHGS Student or Member then book a reduced rate place on the Institute's day school "DNA: A beginner's guide for family historians" 14th September 2019

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"No matter which way we look DNA testing is mentioned more and more within the field of genealogy and DNA data can be a powerful addition to our research tool box. However, there are a variety of tests available from a number of testing companies and it can quickly become overwhelming trying to work out whether to test and which test to take.
This day course is run by Dr Karen Cummings, one of our Tutors, who is a professional genealogist with a background in the pharmaceutical industry.
During the day Karen will guide you through the minefield of DNA tests available, looking at what to consider before you test, which test is most suitable when, suitable candidates for each type of testing and what you can do with your results.
Subjects will include Y-DNA tests, mitochondria DNA (mtDNA) tests, ethnicity data (those maps of "where you come from"), in addition to what is now the most popular type of DNA testing, autosomal DNA tests, such as those available from Ancestry. The day will include hands on sessions, giving you opportunities to become familiar with the data.
The course is equally suitable for those considering taking the first step and those who have already taken a test and want to know what to do with the results.
Schedule (approximate timings)
10.30 Introduction to DNA: Y-DNA, mtDNA, autosomal DNA
11.45 Tea / coffee break
12.00 X-DNA: the misunderstood relative  
12.30 Ethnicity or admixture data 
13.00-14.00 LUNCH
14.00 Working with autosomal DNA matches
15.15 Tea / coffee break
15.30 Third party tools: a whistle-stop tour, including GEDMatch, DNA Painter, cluster diagrams and Genome Mate Pro 
16.15 Closing remarks and departure 
16.30 CLOSE
Light buffet lunch and teas and coffees included."