Report Writing
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Report Writing

Book a place on the Institute's day school "Report Writing which is to be held in Canterbury Monday 23rd September

The module will cover the key components that comprise a client report and offer tips on how to manage a research task.   Subjects covered include:  

The format of a report

The key components

Sourcing the work

Use of illustrations/enclosures/transcripts

Production of a pedigree tree

Recommendations for further research

Client relationship

Accurately documenting a research task

Sticking to the client’s wishes – knowing when to stop

  • £55.00
  • Dietary Requirements
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10.45am – 1.15pm           Session 1 – Format and components of a report

1.15pm – 2pm                 Buffet Lunch (included)

2pm – 4.40pm                 Session 2 – Analysing reports, task management, client liaison, invoicing

4.40pm – 5pm                 Summing up/final questions/depart