My Ancestor worked in Textile Mills
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My Ancestor worked in Textile Mills

The book discusses the technical, economic and social aspects of work in the textile industry from its growth in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries to its decline in the twentieth. 

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For anybody researching their textile worker ancestors, this book is useful guide as well as a compelling work of social history. It is divided into two parts. The first examines the cotton, wool, linen and silk industries; the development of the textile industry in the UK; and the living conditions of textile mill workers throughout history. The second recommends genealogical resources to readers searching for guidance on where to research their own textile mill worker ancestors.

Many people from the south of England headed north in search of work in the textile industry, which was prominent not just in Yorkshire and Lancashire, but also Cheshire and Scotland, particularly Lanarkshire. Although the subject is vast, the author of the book, Adele Emm, writes clearly and with unwavering enthusiasm about everything from types of jobs, types of mills, living conditions, mill finance, canals, technical progress, apprentices, health, sanitation and working conditions.

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