Putting your Ancestors in their Place. A Guide to One Place Studies.
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Putting your Ancestors in their Place. A Guide to One Place Studies.

A guide to creating and using a One Place Study.

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A One Place study involves dissecting a small, definable, geographical area, to examine the individuals, buildings, and processes of the past, in as much detail as possible. One Place Studies are not just about indexing documents and collecting data. Ultimately they are about using that data to answer questions about a community, its residents and their lives. They are about making connections, between individuals, between inhabitants and locations and between people, places and events. In this way, it is possible to gain an insight into the lives of past residents and shed light on issues such as household composition, occupational structure, migration patterns and residential persistence. This book suggests some of the ways in which this might be done. The book covers topics such as: how to choose your place, locating sources, collating and interpreting data, and publishing your findings. Elements that a One Place Study might incorporate and sources that could be used are explained. Although sources are described, it is not primarily about sources themselves. The emphasis is on how these records might be used and over thirty mini-projects for the one place researcher are suggested.

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